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We are very cognizant of the fact that there are many manufacturers of Plyometric Boxes, both domestic here in America and increasingly offshore in China.

As an American manufacturer we must strive to be a cut above the competition to be able to survive in this competitive world.

Consequently our boxes are constructed in a manner that most other manufacturers can only dream of.


6 inch box

We are willing to show a close up of a typical product. Are the owners of the other websites willing to do that?

We use 16 gauge heavy wall tubing on our products. 16 gauge is more expensive than the 18 or 20 gauge found on most of the imports. However it allows us to get better, hotter, deeper penetrating welds that will not break.

We use 14 gauge tubing on our Olympic Style Boxes, however 14 gauge is overkill and over expense for normal professional usage.

We use 75% argon / 25% CO2 for our inert welding gas. Most welders use straight CO2 because it costs about 2/3 that of argon/CO2. However a mix allows for better, smoother welds with less spatter than straight CO2.


Our tops are made from 3/4" CDX. Most of the imports use 1/2" MDF. CDX makes for a better top that will not break nor will the screws fall out.

The ribbed rubber matting is 1/8". Most of the competition use 1/16" as it costs 1/2 as much but 1/8" will last ten times longer.

Most other boxes have the rubber pulled over the edges, allowing the rubber to crack along the top edge, paint the edges allowing moisture to enter the top or do not bother to treat the edge at all.

We use edgebanding to seal the exposed grain.



We use welding tabs to bring the screws about 2" into the top from the edge. This relieves the stresses that are applied to the tops when landing on them. The edges do not take a beating and the screws stay in place. Most of the competition punch a hole in the edge of the top of the frame and place the screw right on the edge of the top. They leave it to you to figure out how to reattach the top when the edges break. Punching a hole in the top of the frame is much less expensive than welding on tabs, but that is what sets good boxes apart from cheap boxes.

Because we are a furniture manufacturer, we use furniture scrim to cover the underside of the top. This does not add any functionality to the box, but it sure makes it look better. This is the only expense that we add that does not have a function to make a better product other than make it a professional looking piece of equipment.

Compare the features and you will find that it does not make sense to purchase anything but the best, especially when you can purchase it directly from the factory at wholesale prices.

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