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Plyo Boxes Direct

Model 44401 1/2" Increment Jump Height Gauge

Model 44402 1" Increment Jump Height Gauge

We are pleased to offer direct to the public our Professional Grade Wall Mounted Height Jump Gauge.

Jump Height Gauge

Unlike other gauges on the market, our vanes are made of an unbreakable steel rotary cuff welded to a steel vane, not a plastic vane that you must continue to replace.

The alternating red, white and blue vanes have a plastic sleeve over them to cushion the shock to the fingers.

There is a plastic covered steel retaining rod to keep the vane from swinging 360 degrees.

The gauge is available in either 1/2" or 1" increments.

The gauge area is 24" and stands 17" from the wall.

The vanes are 9" long so the jumper has plenty of room from the wall for safe jumps.

The vertical adjustment on the gauge is 36" and swings against the wall when not in use.

Unlike the competition, our mounting to the wall is a simple device that bolts to one stud or into a concrete wall.

You do not need an engineer or construction person to properly install the gauge.

The gauge comes with two wands for aligning the vanes at 180 degrees from the wall so you do not have to lower the gauge after each jump to prepare for the next jumper.

Unlike the $500.00 to $800.00 price tag of the popular gauges on the market, our gauge sells for $262.45 for the 1" Increment gauge and $319.95 for the 1/2" Increment gauge.

Shipping is calculated from our factory near Los Angeles, California.

Ask about our discounts to Gyms, Personal Trainers, Schools, First Responders and the Military.

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