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Plyo Boxes Direct

Model 44412

We are pleased to offer direct to the public our Professional Grade Heavy Bag Hanger.

Heavy Bag Hanger

The stand is manufactured from 3/8" x 4" x 4" Square tubing. The bases are 10" x 10" x 1/2" steel plate with three 1/2" gussets with holes for 3/4" anchor bolts. Supplied with a 1/2" eye bolt for the bag strap. The top of the arm has holes to support 1" pipe clamps so you can tie them together for Olympic Rings between the hangers.

The arm is 3 feet long and stands exactly 8 feet from the ground. The top of the stand is 8' 4".

The apx weight of the stand is 150 pounds.

Because we manufacture these stands, we can customize them to your specifications.

The standard hanger shown in the photo is $449.95

Shipping is calculated from our factory in near Los Angeles, California.

Ask about our discounts to Gyms, Personal Trainers, Schools,First Responders and the Military.

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Send an email to us at sales@plyoboxesandmore.com

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